No more damage to lawns, landscaping, tiled floors, asphalt…

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Ground protection mats

STABline ground protection mats guarantee optimum protection for work on vulnerable or unstable floors.

They allow temporary access or work platforms for all types of vehicles and machines by ensuring maximum stability and safety. Their light weight and integrated handles will allow you a fast and safe installation.

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Ground protection mats and

temporary access

STABline ground protection mats guarantee optimum protection for fragile floors (lawn, pavement, cobblestones…) or unstable grounds (mud, snow, sand…). Work rut free!

They allow temporary passage and work platforms for vehicle and machine access.

We make sure you have the maximum stability and safety.

Our mats are lightweight and have integrated handles to allow safe and fast installation.

Our range of ground protection mats create paths for all types of vehicles and machines. Depending on their weight and load capacity, contact us to get sizing help.

Ground protection mats are linked with connectors:

Bolted connectors are available for medium to long term or intensive use.

Metal U-connectors allow for quick and easy installation.

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